The Resurrection began right on time. The rapping started as soon as the shadows in my study merged into a deeper darkness. I tossed down the rest of my whiskey and walked to the front door. I opened it wide and looked out at my creation.  “Hello, Molly,” I said to the familiar stranger on … Continue reading Resurrection

Bubba the Bloodsucker

Rather someone else do the reading? Listen to Viidith22 tell the tale. I called him Bubba, but it was just an ironic moniker for the annual Grist Mill Festival.  You see, we don’t have Bubbas around here. They’re a creation of another place, and maybe even another time. “Bubba” is a southern nickname, and this … Continue reading Bubba the Bloodsucker

We protect our family

I never much liked going to my granny’s house when I was a little girl. Don’t get me wrong, Granny wasn’t mean or cruel or anything else. She was just creepy and weird and very, very hillbilly. When she spoke, it was with a thick hill accent that most folks wouldn’t understand these days. When … Continue reading We protect our family


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