About Me

Missouri Ozarker

I’m John Gibson. I’m an overeducated Ozark hillbilly. I come from a long line of hillbillies with little in the way of formal schooling, but who did have both a passion and a knack for telling stories. I’ll leave for you to decide whether I have a knack for storytelling, but I sure do have a passion for it. I reckon that passion is genetic, because I remember how my older family members would pretty much boil over trying to get a story out during visits and get-togethers. 

I write both fiction and non-fiction. My fiction generally involves Ozark haints, stubborn hill folk, confused space aliens, and monsters of various types (human and otherwise). My non-fiction mostly focuses on Ozark history and culture, which from a certain point of view ain’t that much different than most of the fiction that I write. 

I’ve been fortunate to have both my fiction and my non-fiction find readers over the years. I’ve gathered a good chunk of my work together here, for those that’re interested in it.

I have more stories a-boiling out of me, so I ain’t done yet. 


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